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Is It Worth Spending Your Ad Budget On Spotify?

Spotify brings the ultimate listening experience to music lovers 🎶 and recently proved to be one of the best marketplaces for influencer marketing.

It used to be a case of “only big brands apply” when it came to Spotify advertising, as costs were too high for it to be used by small and medium brands. But today, Spotify has changed its pricing structure, allowing even smaller brands to take advantage of its popularity. 

The pricing structure of Spotify 🤑

Spotify has dropped its price from $250,000 to $250 to help smaller brands to promote their products on Spotify. Additionally, Spotify offers behind-the-scenes auctions where the price of your ad can vary each time. Depending on the competition and audience, you could pay between $ 0.015 and $ 0.025 per ad served for social media influencer marketing.

You can choose from the following ad formats.

  1. Audio Everywhere👂🏼

This package allows you to reach your target audience on any device, in any environment/context, during any moment of the day. Audio ads are served between songs during active sessions. Additionally, Audio Everywhere gives your brand ownership of clickable links on your ad to direct your customers to a landing page where you can showcase them the entire product line. This is a great idea to extend your influencer campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination.

  1. Sponsored Sessions 

Only available to mobile and tablet users, sponsored sessions allow for 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. The sponsored video will contain a clickable link for viewers to visit your website or landing page for influencer advertising.

  1. Video Takeover 🎥

Tell your story immersively during commercial ad breaks to listeners and include a clickable link to the video to draw audiences to your website. It will give you access to connected premium users who will enhance your influencer outreach. 

  1. Overlay

This type of display ad is presented when an audience returns to the Spotify influencer platform. It provides a deeper impact on the audience and contains a clickable link.

  1. Homepage Takeover 📄

Spotify will display your brand’s advertisement on its homepage for 24 hours. It will include a clickable link and supports rich media (to help in the best influencer marketing. Rich media is any form of digital advertising that includes several interactive elements such as video, audio, animations or others that are specifically designed to encourage user interaction.

  1. Leaderboard

Here you can expand your ad reach to get maximum potential audience and attention. These ads are made clickable and displayed only when Spotify is used as the primary influencer marketing platform.

  1. Sponsored Playlists 🎵

Sponsored playlists are the biggest and best selling real estate on Spotify. Here you can choose a playlist to display your ads and try maximizing your reach. Sponsored Playlists will give you the flexibility you need to enhance your influencer marketing search.