OUR mission

To provide you with the most transparent workflow and total control over the campaign we create with you. Our technology gives us the ability to focus on the real mission: Increase your ROI.

Artificial Intelligence and Big data

As Influencer Marketing grows, we developed an Influencer AI-Driven Platform our in-depth insights into demographic & psychographic data of 120 Million influencers and their audience throughout different types of social media on the web.

With fraud detection for fake followers and fake likes. With our system, you”ll know exactly where your investment goes!

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Audience essential metrics

Finding the right influencer for your brand means finding the right Audience. With our technology, we’re able to target the right people to ensure a nice ROI for your campaign.

Access to your own dashboard

Though your own dashboard, in a Tinder-like interface, YOU pick the influencers we’ve preselected to participate. Have access to all expected KPIs from this selection even before it started!

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Keep Your brand Safety

No post goes live without your final approval. You’ll be able to approve all pieces of content to ensure brand safety.

Follow-up the results in real time

Observe the progress of the campaign and receive real-time data about their reach, engagement and interactions. Get all the KPIs at a click distance!

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