Our Story

LEADERS is a revolutionary technology and data driven influencer marketing agency. Established in 2009—a year before Instagram burst into the world—Leaders realized that social media personas have just as much influence as traditional media. That the advertising ecosystem was on the brink of a major change from audiences watching to audiences participating–sharing, liking and commenting. We are LEADERS – powered by people. Our near decade experience in influencer marketing has allowed us to establish and nurture a network of over 1 million influencers. Our unique work methodologies and technological tools help us run effective campaigns creating a positive impact and profitable returns for all our clients.

LEADERS Offices Around The World

  • HQ – Israel
    HaBarzel St 38, Tel Aviv 3rd floor
  •  Spain
    St. Pere Martir 14, Barcelona
  • Canada
    370 Guy street, Montreal
  • Myanmar
    35th Street. Yangon
  • Germany
    Novalisstrasse 10, Berlin
  • Thailand
             Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

What Advertisers Say About Us

We ran an influencer marketing campaign for the launch of Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier with LEADERS on Instagram and Facebook. LEADERS overdelivered the KPIs we expected creating the right buzz and brand awareness for a crucial launch. We are looking forward to our next campaign!
Camila Tomas, General Manager, PUIG.
Our Terre Des Femmes campaign with LEADERS across Germany and The Netherlands was an unprecedented success. We were able to get this non-profit’s message out that went viral creating over 20 PR items in leading European publications.
Anneli Rispens, Director Content & Social Media, DDB Tribal.
Leaders launched Reebok Pump for us through an effective campaign. They exceeded all our benchmarks for brand awareness but were also able to help sell out the shoes across Israel. LEADERS is the expert in influencer marketing delivering double the results through their remarketing and retargeting platform, Naomi. As far as I am concerned, no influencer campaign is worth running without it.
Moshe Sinai, CEO, Reebok.