The Facebook group revolution – today’s center of consumer conversation is no longer the news or television. Consumers, mainly women, look for answers in one place only: closed Facebook groups where they can ask any question and get reliable answers from dozens, sometimes hundreds of users. What does that mean to you? That you really have to be there! But also, that you have no chance of covering such extensive conversation all on your own, which is why we’re here!

LDRS Group

How does it work?

First, we locate your satisfied clients – the ones who won’t leave your brand no matter what. Second, we use our advanced technology to locate all conversations relevant to your brand online. Then, just like GPS, we send those satisfied clients out to recommend your product in online conversations. The magic of monitoring lies in the fact that these are satisfied clients – we’re only asking them for one thing: to tell the truth.

But hey, it doesn’t end there!

We also provide updated statistics on the online conversation. Monitoring systems analyze how much conversation is there regarding your brand, relative to other brands, which products were most talked about, which groups had the most questions, and also qualitative and quantitative data that compares your brand conversation on a yearly scale, allowing you to develop your brand strategy armed with data – not just about you – but about your competitors as well.

LDRS Group