Social Commerce

Make the best of everything that social media has to offer, all at once  

Based on our decade of experience in digital marketing, we offer our expertise in paid social advertising, social audience targeting, ad management, generation of organic social content, and the development of eCommerce-focused business strategies.

We can help your business excel with social commerce by driving sales directly within social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram using the built-in eCommerce tools they provide to brand and sellers  

Paid ad management solutions

Photo ads that display products directly in user feeds.

Ads in stories

Video ads

Messenger ads – like on Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn – where marketers can sponsor messages or content delivered directly to individuals.

On-platform shops. These are new to platforms like Instagram and Facebook and give extra opportunities for eCommerce advertising by letting users shop/purchase without having to leave the app

Sponsored posts, which look a lot like a regular posts but are promoted to certain audiences
Continuous work with influencers: affiliation, gifting programs and UGC

Creative content solutions

Completely customized social media strategies for your business goals

Engaging and consistent posting schedules

Expert profile maintenance and monitoring

Customized data reporting and KPIs

Review and reputation monitoring

Data analysis and monthly reporting with a dedicated team for your brand

Case Study: Argania

Argania is a local Israeli Brand in the hair, body and face care product market. In order to increase brand awareness and sales for the brand, we created a tailored digital strategy and in no more than 6 months, the brand experienced a 900% increase in their monthly revenues



Working with celebs, A-list and micro influencers on an affiliation program to generate an "always-on" social presence with exclusive promo codes.

Paid Media

Using paid promotion tools on Google, Instagram and Facebook in order reach new and relevant audiences

Social Assets

Improving the brand's Instagram account using the available tools (Q&A, Poll) to engage with the community


Using newsletters to engage with the customers and build a community

Content Creation

Creating a holistic and unified image for the brand, using our in-house production team