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Follow These 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tips In 2020

LinkedIn has over 660 million users from 200 different countries but most of them are B2B marketers. They are 63 million in number and growing. It seems that LinkedIn presents an unmatched opportunity to B2B marketers but the truth is that anyone can take advantage of this platform.

If you want to take advantage of LinkedIn, you can follow the following tips

  1. Create your business profile


Pay attention to your company page. Try making it as attractive as you can. It should have all relevant information including contact details, physical address, email ids and link to your website. Also, it should have an impressive summary about your business. And you can even add your company logo or banner image to the profile to make it more impressive.

  1. Keep your viewers engaged


LinkedIn is a professional network used for sharing news about industries, discussing latest trends and educating people about everything that is new and that is in anyway related to industries. And it is an opportunity for you to attract attention to your business profile by posting articles and blogs on trending topics.

  1. Leverage search to generate leads


LinkedIn is like a huge database of B2B companies searching for leads. And this database is available for free. But the most excellent thing is advance search features. LinkedIn allows search based on location, business, past company, industry and more. These features can help locate decision-makers you are targeting for your business.

  1. Joint relevant groups


Professionals have made groups of likeminded people and with similar interests on LinkedIn. These groups allow discussions, question and answers and information sharing. You can start your social media activity on LinkedIn by joining relevant groups and taking in their discussion.

  1. Sponsored posts


Try making most of the content that is working fine on LinkedIn. You can have the best of your blogs and articles published on the feeds of the targeted audiences. Sponsoring your content is a great way to get noticed by the decision-makers in the targeted industry.

  1. Invest in LinkedIn ads


Study structure of LinkedIn ads and find how to use those ads. There are two types of ads – self-service and managed. In the first type, you do things on your own and in the second type, you become a manager of ads. And there is a lot you can do with LinkedIn ads.

  1. LinkedIn analytics


LinkedIn has a built-in analytics tool that you can use to determine performance of your content. For example, you can check how your company page is performing. The tool will help in checking which updates are getting maximum attention This information will help in making a winning strategy.