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These Are The Free Software Video Editing Tools For Marketers

The secret to making amazing videos lies in use of editing software and an exciting thing is that there are a number of software solutions available for creating videos with special effects. Also, these apps work in different environments.

Try these video editing tools next time you want to make a video for social media sharing.


It is an open-source video editing software available for free. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it good for beginners. And its advance features like video transitions with real-time previews make it one of the best editing tools.


Another open-source software available for free, it comes with a number of advance features that include chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, audio mixing, syncing and histogram displays. It provides 32 slots for adding special effects and professionals also like its 3D animation suite.


The software is also open-source but available only for Windows. But it supports almost all video formats and codes. It comes in free and paid versions. Beginners can try the free version for day-to-day video editing but professionals will like paid software.


This open-source free software is originally developed for Linux but it supports all video formats and platforms. But its biggest strength is it allows editing without importing video into the tool. Also, it supports 4K resolution.


Available only for Mac and iOS, it is a sophisticated video-editing tool that can be used on mobile devices as well. And it has a minimal drag-and-drop interface that allows a variety of tasks including adjusting speed of videos and adding filters to them. Also, it allows changing background location to enhance the special effect.


Another powerful editor available in free as well as paid versions for beginners and professionals. Capable of exporting up to 720p videos to YouTube, it allows high precision video trimming with multicam support. It also supports 4K videos but only on paid version.


Great tool for Window PC, it is good for learning the basics of video editing. Its biggest advantage is that it supports 3D video editing for free but most other editing tools charge for this feature. Also, you can easily import the edited videos to YouTube and social media.

GoPro QuickStories

As the name suggests, this editing tool is useful for creating engaging videos while on the go. It is an extremely easy tool to edit and improve the videos shot by a camera. The GoPro camera allows accessing camera features on phones. Also, it has many automatic tools and presets that can make editing tasks a lot easier.