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Which Are The Best Influencers Marketing Agencies In Japan?

Japanese are quite enthusiastic about social media. They are Instagrammers, YouTubers and influencers. Do you know that many Japanese-language YouTubers have audiences in millions? Also, that most influencers are in the fields of fashion and beauty.

They also use Facebook and Twitter but not for influencer marketing. Also, Snapchat is less popular with Japanese. But Japanese marketing agencies are multi-purpose as they don’t believe in specialist influencer marketing.

Here’re some of the best Japanese marketing agencies

  1. JPN Buzz

 This agency has built an impressive reputation among international clients that include the UN, Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Happn. It has a good working relationship with leading influencers in Japan that work across all digital media and publications. It also works in partnership with agencies willing capture Japanese market.

  1. Tokyo Creative

 It has created a niche market in today’s influencer driven market. It works with both brands and the local government agencies of Japan. Tokyo Creative boasts of having some of the best influencers with over 17 billion combined subscribers and over 1 billion combined views.

  1. Info Cubic

 It has over 10,000 influencers working with it. And they have amassed a large followership across all Japanese communities. Info Cubic connects its clients with the right influencers that can help in researching and identifying the targeted audiences. It works with clients and influencers one-on-one.

  1. RealCRO

 This integrated digital marketing agency boasts of having an in-house video and music production center. Also, they claim to have senior global communications professionalsfor managing motion graphics, color grading, aerial/drone shooting and music production.

  1. Wasabi Creation

 It works in both Japan and Singapore and provides a wide range of services including business consulting and local support, market research and business matching, event marketing and seminars.

  1. The Japan Influencer

 As evident from the name, it provides influencer marketing service to those looking for opportunities to promote their brands in Japanese market. But their focus is on UK and other private businesses. They mainly select micro-influencers with substantial followings.

  1. BSMO

 As a dedicated Japanese social media advertising agency, BSMO considers social networking growth hacking as its principal business activity. Its other activities include Internet consulting, ecommerce and inbound social network operation.

  1. Dentsu

 It offers a wide range of services including digital marketing, content creation and PR services. It also uses influencers for disseminating information about brands. Also, they dig information spread by companies and organizations.