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Web3 and NFTs are Transforming the Influencer Marketing Industry: Here’s Why

Web3 and NFTs are Transforming the Influencer Marketing Industry: Here’s Why

You’ve read about the Web3 and NFT revolution and how they are taking digital assets to the next level. But what do these metaverse trends mean for the future of the influencer marketing industry?

First off, influencer marketing and NFTs are already great partners because it takes a highly successful marketing strategy on the one hand and pairs it with the hottest trend in finance on the other. 90% of buyers would prefer to make their purchase based on the recommendation of a trusted influencer rather than a media ad, which means that influencer marketing has a lot to contribute to the success of NFTs, and vice versa. And as the market for Web3 digital products continues to grow at breakneck speed, more creators and influencers are working to market digital products and achieving great results, both for their community engagement and their own revenue. 

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There are few ways that creators can benefit from NFTs. The first is that influencers and content creators can make their content into NFTs. Even a selfie with their dog could be turned into a highly profitable NFT if they are famous enough and have engaged communities. Influencers and creators that know and appreciate this will start investing in their content and communities now to be able to profit from NFTs in the future.

Another way that influencers and creators can benefit from NFTs is through the creation of unique content for NFT promotion, either by working directly with artists or NFT creators, or by working with NFT marketing agencies. Influencers are helping NFT creators get the word out to more communities and are even helping to create communities around NFTs and their unique digital assets. Influencers are experts at community creation and nurturing, so they are natural partners for NFT marketing.

Finally, creators can connect NFTs to other products and services that they are marketing to make their offerings more attractive and trendy. They can sell products for NFTs and vice versa. Just take the example of boxer Logan Paul who sold over $3.5 million in NFTs in one day by selling a bunch of rare Pokemon cards.

Once NFTs are integrated into the influencer marketing space, it could turn the market’s entire profit model on its head, making it possible for influencers to continue earning from content that they generate and for brands to compensate influencers with NFTs, as opposed to an upfront fee. It will also allow brands to accurately keep track of how their ads and sponsored content is doing in terms of ROI because NFTs are 100% traceable and transparent in the blockchain. This will allow brands to more accurately track the impact of their influencer marketing strategy.

NFTs and Web3 might seem like just another trend, but it’s clear that influencers and brands have a lot to gain by embracing marketing in the new digital world.