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What Is TikTok’s “For You” Page? Why Is It Important And How To Feature On It?

TikTok has a special feature called “For You”. It is a page dedicated to your searches in the past and it shows the videos that match with your past searches and interest. Most of the videos in your “For You” page would be from unknown accounts but you will end up following those accounts, if you like those videos.

Look at the “For You” page from marketing perspective

If you can feature your videos in the “For You”page of others, you can get more views and followers. It can be called the first step towards becoming an influencer. Also, TikTok’s selecting videos for “For You” page is recognition from the media. It is like media certifying your content shareworthy.

Do you know how to feature your content on “For You” page on TikTok?

TikTok’s “For You” has many similarities to Instagram’s “Explore” page

 The landing page of TikTok contains the videos you could be interested in. It is recommendation from the media. And you will find it similar to the Explore tab on Instagram where you can find more content matching with your interest.

While Instagram leaves the decision on exploring new content on the users, TikTok promotes the content that it finds matching with the interest of the users. Here it goes a step ahead than Instagram and for this reason, it is more helpful in getting more views and adding more followers.

Understand TikTok’s algorithm

 TikTok has an algorithm that favors new content instead of recycling the videos of celebrities and influencers. Whenever it finds a new video, it instantly pushes it for more views. The video gets views and TikTok looks at the “Performance Ranking” of the video based on the Completion Ratio of the video. It draws a “Performance Ratio” for videos and keeps promoting the videos that have high ratio.

Completion Ratio is determined using factors like percentage of initial viewers, shares, comments and likes. It is the most critical part of TikTok marketing and only high quality content generated keeping the important factors in mind could get achieve a high ratio.