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The Use of Influencer Marketing in Fashion

Instagram is a primary tool for fashion brands that are developing social media strategies. The image-driven app 📸 enables them to create unique feeds filled with highly qualitative content, putting forward the brand’s products, but also its values and goals. However, TikTok has also taken a keen interest in fashion brands recently! The light and bouncy platform invites users to participate in challenges, encouraging the interaction between brands and consumers to be even more personal. 

The Use of TikTok by High-Street and High-End Brands

Fast-fashion brands like Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and Asos, who are nailing influencers marketing, have already huge amount of followers on TikTok 💥 These brands choose to collaborate with certain influencers based on their followers’ demographics, making sure to target the right audience for their brand. Fast- fashion brands are known to be affordable, so it’s easier for the influencers to effectively promote them, as their audiences are happy to spend $5 – 10 on a dress 👗.

Some high-end fashion brands such as Gucci and JW Anderson have also picked up on the viral trends on Tiktok. These brands tend to collaborate with mega influencers, who represent a more luxurious lifestyle, and with followers more likely to spend thousands on these brands. 

Moreover, it is important to note that when a consumer is loyal to an influencer or a brand, the price of the item promoted will not have a big impact on the purchase decision 💵.

Casting the right influencers

For brands, casting is crucial. Matching the right influencer with the right brand and the right project is essential. Fashion is not just about creating great clothes, but inviting viewers to a vision of the future 👁 that is constantly adapting, pioneering and ready for change.Those who prioritize fit-to-reach are best positioned to create impactful partnerships through collaborations with influencers. It is crucial that influencers must integrate into the brand’s universe. 

To conclude, thanks to influencer marketing on social media platforms, there could be a future where fast-fashion and high-end brands get closer. And, we may start to see an increase in the number of high-end fashion brands using platforms like TikTok and YouTube in a way that meets the needs of their target audience 👌🏼.