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The Power of Momfluencers – The First Micro Influencers?

Momfluencers are rising stars on social media networks like Instagram and TikTok. Every kind of mommy is sharing content on their tips for taking care, staying in shape and ideas for cool activities with the kids. 

Actually, momfluencers have been around for a while, and with good reason; they have done a great job of choosing a market segment and sticking to it. And if you ask us (which, by reading this blog, you are 😃), momfluencers are one of the first groups to successfully take advantage of the micro influencer marketing trend.

What makes momfluencers excellent micro influencers?

1. They are experts at their audience

With so many different kinds of moms out there – from traveling hippie moms to super clean and neat moms – the diversity of the content that can be produced is endless. But despite the plethora of information and advice that they could share, momfluencers have gotten really good at helping their networks cut through the noise. They know what their audience responds to and how to deliver messages effectively. That keeps their engagement rates higher, meaning brands can get more bang for their buck.

2. Moms are looking for solutions!

The other aspect of their audience that helps mommy’s monetize their page is that other moms and parents are looking for solutions! They are tired, in need of inspiration, and most of all, want to show their deepest love to their baby or child, often turning to social media to get ideas or for a moment of release. Momfluencers tend to have a “been there, done that” vibe that gives their followers confidence about their content and recommendations. In fact, a lot of moms will turn to social media networks before looking something up on Google!

Photo by Hillshire Farm on Unsplash

3. Moms want to talk to someone 

Being a mother and a parent is hard work, and most don’t have time to go and see a therapist (unless they are really lucky!). That’s why momfluencers are great channels for mom’s questions, comments and venting sessions. They are someone that the mom looks to for advice, so there are opportunities for sales-based DMs and personalized marketing. It’s a great opportunity for both mom’s and brands.

4. They have viral potential

Momfluencers are usually pretty niched when it comes to their content (which is why we think they are the ultimate micro influencers). But some mom’s are jumping on the bandwagon and creating hilarious videos and other interactive content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube that followers can engage with. For instance, they could help moms think of fun dance parties for their kids (and then the kids might start following the momfluencer in return!) or try out development activities to help their babies grow.

Momfluencers are a well-established frontier of online engagement for parents, and if you ask us, by utilizing the large network of micro and nano influencers in the space, brands could get a leg up with awesome campaigns and paid sponsorships.