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Why Do IGTV Ads Matter For Both Influencers And Brands?

The global mobile video traffic will be 60,889 PB monthly by 2022, according to Statista. And the credit for this huge growth is given to the availability of faster Wi-Fi connections, 4G and 5G connectivity.

The above fact clearly shows that video marketing is booming. Now look at another fact that is about social media where platforms have started looking for ways to capture the market. For example, Instagram’s IGTV that allows long-form videos from within Instagram.

IGTV stuck the right chord with the targeted audiences because it supports vertical videos that allows viewers to enjoy videos on their mobiles without rotating their phones. It is to be noted that most social media allow only horizontal videos.

To monetize the IGTV gains, Instagram came up with an internal prototype for a partner program in February 2020. It wants influencers to make profit from IGTV ads.

Why IGTV ads?

The biggest reason behind Instagram pushing IGTV for marketing is to encourage top content creators to start using this application. And Instagram believes that top influencers will bring their communities to IGTV. It will boost user engagement that will provide more marketing opportunities for the app. But it has adopted a very strict criteria for selection of influencers.

What brands should know about IGTV ads?

IGTV has the most impressive numbers in terms of viewers and views. And these numbers tell why IGTV ads matter most to brands.

  • 989 million will be the number of monthly active Instagram users in 2022
  • 90% of users follow business
  • Instagram will become the most important social networking site advertising for B2C (16%) and B2B (9%) marketers
  • Since YouTube has reached the saturation point, marketers will turn to Instagram

Also, advertising on IGTV will give access to a different type of audiences. Since the IGTV stories are more well-groomed, they appeal to viewers with sophisticated tastes.

The road ahead

Brands and influencers have to come together to work on a business relationship that is mutually beneficial for both of them. But the maximum pressure will remain on the influencers that will have to create engaging vertical videos while following the IGTV guidelines.