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How Do Link-In-Bio Tools Work On Instagram And Why Every Business Should Use it? 

Instagram is great for marketing, if you know how to manipulate your bio link. Technically speaking, Instagram doesn’t provide tons of options regarding links but, at the same time, it doesn’t prevent users from link manipulation with link bio tools that are available in plenty.

Things you do with your Instagram bio link

The first thing is that you need it. Until now, you manually have swapped your bio link every time you have a new blog to post or a campaign to start. To remain on safer side, you ask your followers to “check out the link in bio.” But you don’t need going through the tedious manual process of changing the link when you can add more links to the bio. That kind of actions are making the conversion rate lower.

Things you can do with your Instagram bio link

Use a bio link tool instead of a link. The tool will allow you to add more links to your bio and do more with those links – measure clicks, drive targeted traffic and boost sales. And you can choose a link from a host of given options. All of that can help you improve your followers using experience.

Link in bio tools

Here’s a selective of links you can use to optimize your Instagram bio link and boost your page.

  1. Linktree

Use this to optimize your landing pages by linking them to sites you want to promote. These could be blogs, online stores, or any social site including Facebook and Twitch. But you can get more with its premium $6 a month plan.

  1. Shorby

It allows adding multiple links to sites that you want your audiences to visit. And you can do more like customizing your page with videos and animated avatars with a premium plan that starts at $9 per month.

  1. Sked Link

Link your followers to your website, newsletter, blog and social media profile for quick gains. Also, you can get more themes to choose or customize your theme with a plan. It offers Basic, Pro and Enterprise plans.

  1. Link.Bio

If you need a mobilized landing page containing all of your links then this tool would work well for you. It allows adding images with links to boost your marketing efforts. Also, it provides both free and paid services.

  1. Link in Profile

It is different from others in the way that it allows linking to Instagram images that in turn help in directing traffic to linked websites. It is available for $9.99 with a 30-day free trial.