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Exemplary TikTok Influencer Marketing By Brands

Being one of the one of the fastest growing apps, TikTok has become a hot favorite of brands that are shifting to short-video marketing on TikTok. This app has many times held the top position for non-gaming apps in iOS Store. Also, it commands higher engagement than Instagram and Twitter.

TikTok is certainly an ideal platform for influencer marketing and this has been proved from its statistics that are mind blowing. And brands are doing amazing things to leverage TikTok to market their products and services.

Here’s how brands use influencer marketing on TikTok

  1. Mucinex

 The brand started a Halloween-themed campaign to promote its product for the upcoming flu season in 2019. The videos made by four TikTok influencers had the influencers waking up like zombies and grabbing Mucinex to get ready for the Halloween. The campaign was named #TooSickToBeSick and it was the first time that TikTok had worked with an over-the-counter medicine. The challenge that ran between Halloween and November 2 had many TikTok fans making videos from being “too sick” to “so sick” for the party.

  1. Too Faced

 Too Faced cosmetic was surprised to see how a viral challenge on TikTok suddenly increased the sale of their Lip Injection Extreme plumping lip gloss. The video challenge had young users showing effects of the product before and after use. This inspired the brand to employ TikTok marketing for their next product, Damn Girl mascara. And a campaign #TFDamgGirl was made to share videos of the product. And this campaign did an excellent job by generating 821 million views for the product.

  1. Red Bull

 This brand has set a benchmark for creating viral videos and this is evident from the viral video of a TikTok influencer Keeoh. In the video, Keeoh pours Red Bull drink into his travel mug and then turns the mug down to let the drink flow out. But there is magic. The drink doesn’t come out from the mug. Where has the drink gone? Suddenly a friend of Keeoh pops up from behind to reveal the secret. He says that Keeoh pours the drink in his mouth and not in the mug as seen in the video.

  1. Guess

 Lifestyle brand Guess started a hashtag #InMyDenim that went viral within a short time due to its features. The campaign includes a takeover ad that takes the users to sponsored #InMyDenim challenge where users were asked to upload their videos from looking disheveled to glamorous. At that time, the brand was trying to reposition itself for a younger demographic. And working with TikTok influencers helped the brand in achieving its goals.