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4 Need to Know Tips for Brands Working with Content Creators

Brands have learned that organic and unique content creation is the way to win over new customers. As consumers to turn social media to conduct more of their purchases, brands are counting on the power of “word of mouth” to drive people to be inspired by influencer content and want to purchase their product or service. That means that brands need to stay on their toes when it comes to content creation and keeping potential consumers engaged. 

Need some fuel for your content brainstorming and want to make sure that your influencer squad really helps you generate leads and new customers?

Check out our four need-to-know tips for generating effective content when working with content creators!

Instagram’s new tagging feature

Tags are the way to go on Instagram, but sometimes they can actually draw people away from the purchasing funnel. That’s why Instagram’s new tagging feature is great. It allows creators to tag their collaborators or sponsors within the image or video, with the tagged account’s profile category displayed within the tag itself, just below the handle name.

The feature will allow creators to directly tag anyone who has played a role in helping them create the content, which is great news for brands that are looking for new ways to engage with post content.

Keep images clean and crisp

One of the biggest pitfalls of brands on social media is that they can compromise when it comes to the quality of images, stories, reels and videos that their influencer squad uploads. They would rather get the content out there as opposed to really working with the influencer to make sure that the visual is telling the right story. It’s super important to support your influencers in the production of content, and if that’s not within your budgetary framework, then to make sure that they have the means to do so themselves (like the right camera equipment, etc.). Getting the visuals right is a necessary evil when it comes to successful influencer and creator content.

Nurture your relationships with content creators you like

There are so many influencers out there that brands are starting to perform speed dating! They are working with one influencer only to switch to another the following week. While this shows that the brand is on-trend when it comes to the hot influencers, it also looks a bit wishy-washy to followers. It’s better to create a loyal influencer squad of a few content creators that do a good job of expressing your brand’s message and who generate high quality content and to nurture your relationship with them over time. Once you have a solid community of content creators, the content that they generate is likely to be more believable, bespoke and unique, winning you more word of mouth sales.

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Repurpose content!

This may come as a surprise to some, but the key to real social media success is to repurpose content on various social channels over time. While it’s not the best idea to post the same content on all platforms (or even if it’s the same, to adjust the content to what’s trending on each platform), you can decide to spread out the content for a particular campaign, for instance, over time and over different platforms. This creates a lot of appeal among consumers and gives off the air that your brand is a content creation machine! 

Working with content creators is the way to go when it comes to influencer marketing. You want creators that are talented and who are good advocates for your brand, but don’t let their increasing influence and say confuse you – stand strong what you demand for your brand.