TikTok Starting Guide For Beginners


Ever wondered how influencers use TikTok! It all starts with opening an account that can be opened with a phone number or email account. Also, TikTok allows opening accounts with social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Google.


Open an account


It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in completing all legal and technical formalities like choosing a user name and setting a password to open your account. And once things are done, you can move ahead to the app areas that includes Home, Discover, Record, Effects and Upload.


Operate your account


The Home shows the content available in your region; Discover shows trending challenges; Record activates camera and Effects icon provides filter to improve videos. If you look at the camera features, you have the option to adjust speed of your videos, beautify the content and trim the video to remove unnecessary parts. Also, there is Countdown Timer that provides greater control at recording videos.


Communicate with others


TikTok also provides an Inbox where you will find everything your followers and viewers have communicated. It will show likes, comments, mentions, followers and messages from the platform.


Find challenges


Keep checking the Discover icon to find challenges that are the biggest attraction of TikTok community. Influencers keep throwing challenges but you should be choosey and join the challenge that interests you most.


Duets on TikTok


Duets are responses to videos hence a little different from challenges. And you can create a Duet for any video. It is just like creating a unique video and your response to that video will appear in a split-screen and run alongside the original.


React to videos


Reacting to videos you view and encouraging others to react on your videos is a great way to communicate with your community members. And you can improve your reaction using editing features.


Create TikTok live photos


This interesting feature provides an opportunity to save a video as a home/lock screen on a phone. But you need to install TikTok’s Wall Picture app in your phone to activate this feature.


Do more….


Create videos as GIFs and share it with your community, make slideshows using photos, use a song or sound from TikTok, delete the video you no longer need and change the privacy settings of your TikTok account to make it private. And there you have it!