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Your Guide To Scheduling Instagram Posts With Tools

 If you can make your presence felt on Instagram and to become an influencer, you can reach out to the 1 billion monthly users of this popular social media channel. And all you need doing to maintain a strong presence on this platform is a content strategy.

Imply those tips to maximize your exposure.

Your content strategy for Instagram

First thing is objective, and it is to remain active. And your followers will notice your activity in the form of your posts. So, you need interesting content to post, and you need to post it at regular intervals.

For example, you shouldn’t post three contents in a day. But making three posts a week would make sense. Also, you need to find an ideal time for making posts so that they are viewed and read. According to a study, morning to afternoon is the right for making posts on weekdays.

Need of an Instagram calendar

Making a calendar would help in adhering to a content schedule that will strengthen your presence on Instagram. Once your calendar is ready, you can start working on it. The first thing is to create content in advance so that it can be published according to schedule.

The next thing in the calendar is posting and here you will need help of a tool that can take care of your content scheduling. While you can try posting content manually but it is better to use a tool that will keep you free to create more content in advance.

Working with a scheduling tool

With a tool to help, your job will be limited to creating, uploading and queuing content for posting. The tool will do the rest of the job. The excellent thing about scheduling tools is that they allow bulk uploading of content so that you remain free to monitor the progress and create more posts.

  1. Buffer

Brands use this tool for Instagram postings. It is a feature packed tool with a clean user interface. But its biggest advantage is that it does more than simple scheduling and posting. It works as an integrated platform to manage all social media content.

  1. CoSchedule

It is a complete tool that allows planning, creating and scheduling content according to your calendar. And the entire job can be managed from one platform instead of using different tools.

  1. Hootsuite

Another smart scheduling tool, it provides amazing scheduling features including bulk scheduling and posting features. Also, it has a content curation tool that can bring content from across the globe for posting.