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Why using micro-influencers is advantageous during Covid-19?

Since March 2020, more than half of the world has experienced a partial or total lockdown, which inevitably resulted in complications for many industries. The marketing sector is no exception. However, a particular branch of marketing did succeed to rise up and continue to work almost as usual. Indeed, many brands started an influencer marketing campaign as part of their new marketing strategy. In July 2020, Instagram recorded 40% of branded deals and collaborations with micro influencers. 

Micro influencers have on average between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. They are not big movies stars or famous models, instead they are regular people with a little something extra. This relatively small audience is more loyal, engaged and likely to trust the influencer’s opinion. This article highlights the main reasons why micro influencers are beneficial for your brand, especially during the global pandemic. 

Increasing number of people on social media

Firstly, since the almost-worldwide lockdown, people are spending more time online and especially on social media platforms, which experienced a 10.5% increase in July 2020, compared to July 2019. Moreover, TikTok reached 2 billion downloads in April 2020! Marketers have jumped to the occasion to create many influencers campaigns in a different way than before. 

Indeed, people are desperate to connect one way or another during these difficult times. The number of Instagram lives made since March 2020 is unbelievable! These new ways of connecting with the world helped micro influencers to boost their engagement rates and build an even stronger, more engaged community. Micro influencers have the advantage to reach a niche market, which shares common interests with them. Hence, they are able to share the benefits of any product related to their field of expertise. Those lives and Q&A sessions enable the influencer to connect on a deeper level as the followers were able to interact and share their thoughts. 

Authenticity and credibility

Moreover, micro influencers are able to create emotional connections with their audience. As the health crisis turned into an economic crisis in most countries, people were going online to look for distractions and comforting content. Micro influencers had to find the right balance between fun and light content and the actual context. 46% of content creators said that their lockdown content has been more inspiring than before. Therefore, brands should also take this opportunity to communicate positivity via their influencers, in such way that people feel that they are not alone in their difficulties. 

People are not only looking for creative content to follow, they also want to be involved in the creativity process, especially while stuck at home! Micro influencers can engage, interact and involve their audience as much as possible, by creating challenges and using branded hashtags. It not only boosts the followers’ engagement, it also raises awareness about the brand behind the various challenges. 

Cost effective

Finally, the major pro of working with micro influencers is the lower rates. They have a high impact, sometimes even higher than mega influencers, without their price tag. As most brands are on a tight marketing budget, micro influencers are the best way to have positive results for cheaper. In these hard times, every cent needs to be spent wisely. For these reasons, investing in micro influencers campaigns is currently more appealing for brands, even though this trend is not expected to stop shortly.