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Travel Influencers Deliver Impressive Results

Everyone loves a good vacation. That’s why travel and tourism influencers are taking over social networks. They are marketing experiences for their followers and communities, which can be a powerful tool for airlines and the hospitality industry looking to reach new customers and increase their engagement.

At LDRS Group, we worked with the German airline Lufthansa in an exciting campaign that had great results. We worked with two awesome lifestyle influencers and photographers to generate 40 posts that produced over 100,000 new engagements. Using the motto “Life is a journey, inspired by travel”, we appealed to our influencers’ followers by showing them that travel can change you and help you grow for the better. 

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The emphasis was on the U.S. market, with the goal to highlight destinations that are just a short plane ride from bigger cities. The photographer influencers were sent on a beautiful journey throughout the U.S., sharing their unique takes on urban life, beach vacations and country roads.

We also looked to show our influencers having fun, engaging in activities like surfing and skateboarding, visiting monuments and major landmarks, and watching the sunset with friends. The idea was to instill a sense of peace while also igniting the inspiration to take risks and visit new places. 

The images and stories were magazine quality – the benefit of working with influencers who are also professional photographers – which helped us reach a larger audience and achieve an impressive engagement rate.

Check out some of the beautiful posts and stories from the campaign: