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Top 7 Apps For Social Media Posting In 2020

Just imagine, how much time would you need investing for making average 100 tweets per day. It seems impossible but Jeff Bullas does it daily. He tweets 96 times but with the help of social media apps that you can also use to increase your social media activity and make most of your social media posts.

Some popular social media posts

1. Loomly

 It boasts of a clean and uncluttered interface and claims of a detailed interface. You will begin with wetting up a calendar, choosing a time-zone and selecting an industry to make your posts.

You will set the following things to use the app

  • Setting details of the posts
  • Choosing social channels for posting
  • Defining base content that you want to post in each media
  • Fine-tuning channels
  • Targeting audiences and promoting your brand

Loomly also has an Interactions feature that allows managing comments, messages and tracking social media channels.

2. PromoRepublic

 It allows scheduling posts for every social media network. Also, it allows design work for media like Instagram and Pinterest. Here you will find a posting schedule for each of your network. In this way, you will have better control over your social media activities. And the most amazing thing is it gives over 100,000 post ideas.

3. AgoraPulse

 It is more like a fully-functional social media program than a simple app. And for this reason, it can do more work than simply making social media posts. At the heart of AgroPluse is its inbox where you can see comments, mentions, conversations and reviews of your followers. Also, it offers multiple ways of posting content.

4. CoSchedule

 It caters to businesses of all sizes but it is better suited for blogs or organizations that frequently change their sites. It provides a detailed social media calendar with many add-on features for social media activities including blogs, comments, email blasts and other types of marketing content.

5. Hootsuite

 It is a set of apps instead of working as a single application for all social media posts. For example, if you are looking for an app that works silently then you can choose the main Hootsuite that doesn’t have additional bells and whistles. At the core of Hootsuite is Streams. You can select social media channels and set up a tab for each channel on Streams page. Also, it has a unified inbox where you will get all your social media messages delivered.

6. Sendible

 The best feature of Sendible is Services that is like channels or profiles and you can create your account on Sendible and select the features you need in the Services. A great thing about this app is that it allows scheduling posts and you are free to schedule posts individually or in bulk.

7. Sprout Social

 It is a professional social media app but it targets organizations with bigger needs. It’s clear and intuitive interface is logically laid out with features like Smart Inbox that will collect your messages from social media. Also, it will help in creating interesting content using graphics and other material.