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TikTok Video Best Practices For 2020

It is difficult to avoid TikTok especially when your target audience belong to the age group of 16-24 years. Gen Z or young millennials as they are usually called make 41% of all TikTok audiences. And they spend a good 52 minutes daily on TikTok.

Interesting figures about TikTok

  • The social media app crossed 1.6 million downloads globally
  • It beat YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in terms of downloads in iPhone in Q1 of 2019
  • TikTok boasts of 500 million active users globally
  • Available in 141 of 155 countries
  • TikTok users generate more than $3 million in revenue from the app

These figures will certainly excite you about TikTok marketing. And you should certainly try promoting your brand on this popular platform. In 2019, TikTokslightly tweaked its advertising program to favor brands. It allowed brands to leverage ads to get better returns.

Here’re the best practices for TikTok marketing

  1. Vertical videos

TikTokaccepts vertical videos. They give a feel like native-videos. But the most striking advantage of vertical videos is they fit into every screen. You should also prioritize vertical videos because they won’t look skewed or get cut off at margins.

  1. Limit the length of videos

If you don’t want your videos to get trimmed then you should put a limit on the length of the videos. The minimum length of the videos is 9 seconds and the maximum length is 15 seconds. You should stick to this limit.

  1. Leave an impact on your audiences

The videos must be attention grabbing otherwise the viewers won’t wait for more than a second to swipe and scroll the next posts. The content hungry viewers stop at nothing less than interesting.

  1. Keep all the important elements intact

TikTok videos have their outer margins obscured hence it is better to place the brand name and CTA at a place where they remain visible. It is better to keep the elements centered.

  1. Add background music

TikTok videos are recognized with their vertical format and background music instead of subtitles. You should try adding some melodious audio to your videos.

  1. Develop habit of giving captions

If you don’t want to miss the attention of viewers then never let your videos go live without captions. The captions will let the viewers get the right feel of the video even when they don’t pay attention to it.

  1. Include CTA

CTA is call-to-action that is opening a line of communication for the viewers. What the viewers would do after viewing your videos. You shouldn’t let them guessing about what you want them to do.