Our Technology

Discover. Manage. Measure.

Leader’s technology gives you the ability to discover the influencers that are best suited for your brand, review and approve the content they create and monitor your campaign’s performance in real time.

Discovery DMP

Utilizing our own search technology, along with existing databases and collaborations, we have created a data management platform that gives us accurate and in-depth information to ensure successful influencer marketing campaigns with positive ROIs. We have several algorithm patents pending that include:
  • Facial recognition to determine gender, ethnicity, and age
  • Maps general location according to last 30 posts using longitude/latitude  coordinates
  • Language detection
  • Relevant keyword description from bio
  • Image recognition to identify segmentation more accurately
Our search parameters allow us to bring back several data points by influencer and by audience which includes: Influencer: Engagement rate, reach, country, language, age, interests, previous brands worked with, follower count, and all associated social media accounts Audience :  Age, location, gender, interests, ethnicity, and language.

Management Platform

Influencer marketing the old fashioned way takes up to 60 hours for just 10 influencer campaigns. LEADERS reduces this by more than 50%, allowing brands to run campaigns continually and effortlessly. Have the ability to manage influencers throughout process and track your campaign status. This includes: influencer’s brief, a notification system to manage all communications with influencers/partners, text communications, share documents with 3rd parties,  submission by influencers/partners alerts if a project is behind schedule, easy payment processing, and clients management system with all of their information.


You choose your LEADERS in a tinder-like interface, approve everything before it goes online. Our dashboard showcases your KPI’s in real time guaranteeing that you know exactly how you are performing at any given time. By utilizing our tracking tools, you will be able to measure your engagements, impressions, price per engagement, clicks, views shares and sales.
REAL TIME MEDIA metrics: Engagement volume Engagement rate Estimated Reach Total engagements post process Number of posts related to campaign/ influencer Audience sentiment related to the campaign clicks Video views Share counts Linking up to analytics to track clicks through to website behaviors: Conversions Bounce rate Time on site CPE CPM Equivalent media value

Leaders App

When a campaign is launched, the influencers get a SMS notification with direct link to our webapp. Our app provides influencers a means of understanding your campaign and goals and allows them to upload their content to your dashboard for easy review and approval. All the business process from the influencers side is trough the app.