It is true! Instagram Launches ‘Live Shopping’

Instagram is shifting towards e-commerce with the launch of Shop, a digital storefront easily accessible for every user. This new tab, available between your account and new post, as depicted below allows any business accounts (with the checkout feature) to create e-commerce directly on Instagram. The whole purchasing process can be done within the app; from the learning phase to the payment.


The facebook-owned App went a step further and launched Live Shopping. This feature enables brands to sell products during an Instagram Live. A checkout tag will appear at the bottom of the screen and viewers can click and purchase the product instantly, without never leaving the App. 

This turn towards e-commerce will allow brands to generate sales and increase engagement at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Live Shopping.


Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we’ve seen lives on literally every social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and more. Lives are a good way to connect with your audience in an authentic, honest and transparent way. Brands can therefore educate, interact and demonstrate to their audience the various benefits of a certain product, through demos or Q&A for instance. By adding a way to purchase instantly, consumers can make an educated purchase decision. 

Moreover, lives are also a great way to announce a launch or an exclusive collaboration for instance. It adds a personal touch and drives excitement for the people attending the live. With the live shopping feature, it boosts the exclusivity feeling as viewers are the first ones accessing the product. 

Instagram also allows users to access lives via their computer, which facilitate the purchasing experience and create a real e-commerce interface. 

Currently, this new feature is only available in the United States, for business accounts with a checkout tag, and buyers must also be located in the US. But be patient, this new feature is expected to launch in more countries as of 2021.