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Influencer Marketing on Spotify?

Spotify is becoming a significant influencer marketing marketplace, which is clear from its impressive growth and expansion📈. Today, it is the largest audio platform serving the musical needs 🎼 of millions of users around the world.

Some quick facts about Spotify:

  • 356 M monthly active users (MAU) in 2021 make it the world’s largest audio platform
  • Spotify users spend an average of 25 hours a month on the platform and 44% are daily active users
  • One-third of the total listening time on Spotify is user-generated content
  • Over half of Spotify’s user base is under the age of 35

The above stats are more than enough to show that Spotify is a great platform for both brands and influencers and, if your company targets millennial users, a social presence on Spotify is a must-have to give your brand a leg up on competitors✨.

Influencer Campaigns on Spotify

Playlists 🎶:

Spotify has over 2 billion playlists, including those curated by Spotify and generated by users. You can leverage these user-generated playlists and content to get into the influencer marketing space on the platform, giving you lots of creative freedom to experiment with marketing ideas and partnerships with the creators of the most popular playlists.

Sponsored Playlists #️⃣

Spotify allows brands to sponsor playlists recommended by the platform and customize them for more targeted messages💬. Using influencers is an opportunity to get even more consistent engagement for your sponsored content and more returns on your ad spend.

Spotify Stories📖: 

Similar to stories on Instagram and Facebook, Spotify Stories contain short video or audio clips that users can tap to watch or swipe to skip. Users can apply their favorite album art or animations to create a cover photo for their stories. And by including engaging content in their Stories, influencers and marketers can retain followers for longer⏳. This is a great opportunity for influencers to group content based on themes or goals.

Podcasts 🎧: 

Spotify offers another opportunity for influencers to connect with their audience. The platform plans to insert targeted advertisements into podcasts in real time after gathering its rich customer insights. Using Streaming Ad Insertion technology, Spotify will study a user’s tastes, location and age to identify advertisements that are likely to be received favorably by that user.

Spotify has made a smooth transition from an audio-only platform to one of the next top influencer marketing platforms, with huge engagement potential for brands and businesses. Done right, marketing on Spotify is a surefire way to reach a music-loving audience👩🏻‍🎤. And, by working with the right influencers, you can further expand your reach. It seems that there is no better time to get into the influencer marketing space on Spotify before your competitors beat you to it!