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Important Graphic Design Trends To Look For In 2020

Instagram would have over 989 million users by 2022. And out of these huge numbers of users 83% look for new products; 81% do product research and 80% use Instagram info for making purchase decisions.

The above-mentioned data highlight importance of Instagram for everyone including business, marketers and influencers. But there is another side of Instagram and it is graphic designing. This media allows unlimited freedom in creative designing. But you need to look for and follow the latest trends like Carousel posts, interactive Stories and monochromatic palettes in 2019.

  1. Powder Pastels

Duskier and darker powder tones will replace the baby-soft pastel hues of 2019. The shiny tones were quite popular in the previous year but the 2020 will see rise of powder finish. For best results, you can choose a pastel shade and make it your theme for all posts. The viewers will start associating that color with your brand.

  1. Vintage Touch

The evergreen vintage will continue to rule Instagram in 2020. Presets, watermarks and grainy effects will be used to give a vintage touch to visuals. Saturated color tones that look warmer and tilting towards natural browns, greens and oranges be mainstream in 2020. The users are advised to use video editing apps for Instagram like Preview for retrofitting their videos.

  1. Embrace imperfections

In the coming year, you will see more videos with crumbled papers, dog-eared novels, shattered glasses and wrinkled faces in Instagram videos. For example, you can look at Vogue magazine that has already embraced the imperfect trend. Starters are advised to start with Instagram Stories and use raw look. These stories remain alive only for a day.

  1. The “No-Edit” Edit

It is all about reality with the objective of making feeds look more real. This trend started in 2019 as an effort to make social media take closer to reality. The hashtag #noedit campaign and it received a huge response from Instagrammers. The trend is to make stories that look real. For example, a brand can relate its story to a social cause in order to look responsible.

  1. Photography + Emoji

In 2020, Instagram users will see entire campaigns made on emojis. And this trend is strengthening. People find nothing special in adding emojis to their pictures but making a story with emoji is certainly not a child’s play. Users are advised to create custom emojis with the help of emoji edits for Instagram videos.