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How To Design A Great Podcast Cover Art?

A podcast is all about creating quality content. However, having the right design elements for your podcasts’ artwork is also very important. This provides benefits such as; the visual impact of the content 👁 as well as a first impression on the target audience. So, by using these illustrations, you can entice viewers by sending them the right message and attracting their interest in listening to your podcast.

Between Apple Music, Spotify, and several other platforms, there are over 7 million podcasts already running; and without these cover illustrations, they might all look the same. So how can you create a great podcast cover artwork? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • First things first- to best design a relevant cover, you must understand the topics discussed in the podcast as well as know the target audience (age, gender and needs) that you want to appeal to with this podcast. Keeping these factors in mind will assist you in creating a perfect artwork for your podcast.

  • The dimension of the page on which viewers will see the podcast should be considered from the start. When designing, you want to make sure the artwork will fit properly and be able to be viewed properly on all screen sizes, from desktop to mobile, so that all viewers can see it in a consistent way, as intended.

  • Try to keep things as simple as possible as inserting complex elements like geometric designs could prevent viewers from understanding the real message behind it.

  • Create magical designs by playing with colors 🎨. Find out how others do it and try to create a unique piece of art using the many color options available.

  • Always consider adding a photo 📷 of the podcast host, especially if the podcast host is well known. That is ofcourse, if the host already has an existing audience, or if using their image will attract even more attention to the podcast. 

  • If the host isn’t well known, you can market their personality through this image/ cover artwork and increase their recognition by using their photo. 

  • Your podcast is considered as an extension of your brand. So whatever you do, it will have a lasting impact on your brand image. For example, the National Geographic podcast always comes with its logo.

  • Some visuals like microphones, headsets and headphones etc. have become common in podcasts because everyone uses them. We suggest not using them in order to stand out compared to your competition.

  • Finally, the textual material ✏️ of the artwork must be clearly visible and legible. You should be very careful in choosing fonts for texts, avoiding using too many fonts to make the text stand out.