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Holidays celebration by agencies in a new wave of pandemic

The holiday season has just ended🎅🏼 but, as groundbreaking COVID cases multiply again, and the Omicron variant looms, businesses approached this year’s office holidays in a different way.

Last year saw an abrupt halt to the industry’s famous lavish parties following lockdown, mask warrants and social distancing ✋🏽. Some agencies then turned to digital gatherings on Zoom, sending care packages to workers’ homes or offering additional time off. 

Today, even with more readily available vaccines and boosters, many industry experts are reluctant to fully revisit particular physical events. And, as Omicron looms over many cases, many of this year’s holidays were celebrated in the same way as last year. Global media companies have provided budgets for groups to design vacation meetings on a smaller scale, whether or not in person or online. Regarding parties celebration that could take place physically thanks to vaccinations and reminders, some businesses returned to gatherings but with smaller groups of people and required indoor masks 😷 and proof of vaccination💉.

But, despite these restrictions, the majority of agencies decided to still favor the physical celebration, following this mantra: “There is a time to laugh, a time to weep, a time to mourn, and a time to dance. This is our time to dance”🕺🏼. Their intention was to create a community amongst all employees.