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Get Ready For Byte Marketing In 2020

The entire marketing community is eagerly waiting for Byte to open its Partner Program for influence marketing. Influencers have been eyeing the growth of Byte as a short-video sharing platform ever since it topped the iOS free chart in the first week of its release.

Byte made a record of 780,000 downloads in the first weekend after going public in January 2020. It performed well in both the iTunes and Google Play Store. It features ultra-short videos of up to six and a half second but it is also experimenting with longer 8-second video.

Like any other social media platform, Byte also offers a number of features including a fee, notifications, profiles and explore page. Though it lacks advance features like augmented reality and transition effects, it offers everything essential.

Byte is continuously working towards improving its features like it introduced Byte Beats in March and Floaties in April. Byte Beats are little looping audio tracks and Floaties are floating objects to be used in videos. And now it is working on 8-seond videos and a marketing program.

Byte Partner Program

In February 2020, Byte invited content creators to join its Partner Program to explore monetization possibilities. It offered $250,000 in the initial trial. In the start, Byte decided to work only with 100 US creators that can create unique videos for Byte community, increase community participation with their activities and make best videos that are full screen without letterboxes.

The objective of this program is to create a revenue sharing scheme for influencers and Byte video makers. It will check viewership every thirty days and determine profit after considering the thirty-day number and comparative viewership of the creators. Also, it is working on different payment tiers to award influencers and video makers according to their work.

Starting with 100 creators from US, the program will expand its reach to other areas to provide everyone an opportunity to monetize with its Partner Program.

Ad format of Byte

It is clear that this platform targets Generation Z that likes things to be more entertaining than on the marketing side. Byte wants the sales videos to be distinguished from the everyday videos so that they celebrate creativity and community.

Byte is quite selective in choosing its partner. It wants its videos to be 100% original made with genuine voice of the creators. It clearly said that it wasn’t excited about numbers or popularity but originality.