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Everything Brands Should Know About TikTok Campaigns

 TikTok has attracted and brands and influencers alike but brands need more education and information on why they need dedicated TikTok accounts and how to operate their accounts.

Why do brands need TikTok accounts?

Young generation has ditched traditional media and embraced social media. They consider watching television wastage of time but they remain live on social media all the day becausethey get their daily dose of entertainment and news from social media.

The young audiences dislike traditional advertisements on radio, television and billboards because they have their heroes that are influencers. Today brands invest more on influencer marketing and TikTok is their favorite platform. But brands should also have their accounts.

When you have an account, you can try engaging your audiences with views, likes comments and shares. Here’re the basics of TikTok marketing for brands.

  1. Use suitable Hashtags

Hashtag is used for many things from cataloguing videos to searching latest and relevant content. And using suitable hashtags would expand the reach of your content and generate more views and followers in the long run. But you should avoid using too common and generic hashtags.

  1. Follow current trends

Look for trending hashtags and try creating videos relevant to those hashtags. These fast-moving trends could highlight your videos and the brand.

  1. Involve influencers

Building a productive relationship with leading influencers is crucial for brands because influencers command large followings and their followers. The influencers know how to target clients and convey the right message.

  1. Keep commenting

TikTok appreciates frequent commenting. Comments generate likes and they are ranked with the number of likes received. If you can think of meaningful comments, you can create a difference to your brand.

  1. Post often

Keep in mind that it is only videos that can increase the number of followers. So, you should post videos often so that your account looks fresh all the time.

  1. Use effects in videos

You should try making your videos look different and the best way to do this is to use effects that are convenient to use and that can make a video look totally different.

  1. Use descriptions

Writing a good description is a part of marketing. A description will give a clear idea about video and words could encourage the viewers to post comments on the video. Also, the description could be used like a teaser.

  1. Use ads

TikTok offers different types of ads like in-feed native ads; hashtag challenge ads and brand takeover ads. You can choose one that blends well with your brand or videos.