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Everything Brands Should Know About TikTok Campaigns

TikTok attracts brands and influencers alike, but the truth is that brands require more information on why they need dedicated TikTok accounts and how best to manage them.

Why do brands need TikTok accounts?

The younger generation has abandoned traditional media and embraced social media. They don’t listen to the radio, they barely watch TV 📺 and aren’t attracted to billboard ads. Many of them consider these media  a waste of their time. Instead, they stay connected all day to social networks, receiving a constant dose of entertainment and news through these apps. Their heroes are social media influencers🦸🏼.

Today, brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing and TikTok is their preferred platform. But, it is important for brands to have their own TikTok accounts 👤 as well to engage their audiences with views, likes, comments and shares.

Here are some the basics of TikTok marketing for brands:

  1. Use suitable hashtags #️⃣

Hashtags are used for many things, from cataloging videos to finding the most recent and relevant content. By using the right hashtags, brands can broaden the reach of their content, generate more views 👁 and increase the number followers 👥 overtime. In addition, it is better to avoid using hashtags that are too common or generic.

  1. Follow current trends 📉

Look for trending hashtags and try to create relevant videos 🎥 for them. Connecting with these rapidly changing trends could enhance the number of views for your videos and brand traction.

  1. Involve influencers 🙋🏼‍♂️

Building a productive relationship with top influencers is crucial for brands because they have many followers that the brand can be exposed to. Influencers know how to target customers and get the right message across 🗯.

  1. Keep commenting 💬

TikTok appreciates frequent commenting. Comments generate likes 👍🏼 and the comments are ranked according to the number of likes received. If you can think of meaningful comments, you can make a difference for your brand.

  1. Post often ▶️

Keep in mind that only videos can increase the number of followers 👥. So you need to post videos often to keep your account current and relevant.

  1. Use effects in videos 🏞

You should try to make your videos look different from your competition and the best way to do that is to use some practical effects that make your video look totally unique.

  1. Use descriptions 📝

Being able to write a good description is a necessary marketing skill! Descriptions, especially on TikTok, provide a clear picture of what ​​the video is about, and, by using the right words, you could prompt viewers to leave comments 💬 and further engage with your content. Descriptions are also great to be used as teasers for the full post.

  1. Use ads 📢

TikTok offers different types of ads such as native in-stream ads (ads seamlessly integrated into a user’s feed and nearly indistinguishable from organic content); hashtag challenge ads (ads encouraging user-generated content and participation) and brand takeover ads (display ad typically reserved for high profile brands and products on high traffic online publications). You can choose one that works best for your brand or your videos 🤝.

Take one or a few of these tips forward in your brand’s TikTok journey!