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Could Snapchat’s new AR feature mean that the metaverse is going mainstream?

Mass adoption of the metaverse is fast approaching and brands, social platforms and influencers are gearing up for the transformations that will soon hit the industry. One of the major changes to the influencer marketing landscape will be how influencers create content. In the metaverse, instead of sharing a story, uploading a video or taking a beautiful photo, influencers will be responsible for generating experiences that will enrich the virtual world with culture and content. 

One social platform is jumping on the metaverse trend at full force. Snapchat released an Augmented Reality (AR) Landmarks feature back in 2019 where users can engage in virtual experiences while visiting physical landmarks, monuments and notable locations around the world. Known as “Landmarkers”, Snapchat enabled creators to generation anchored and location-based Lenses at certain locations, giving their followers and other users access to educational and entertaining experiences that have also been adopted by brands and local businesses.

With the onset of the metaverse, NFT influencers and virtual reality, Snapchat is releasing an upgrade on their Landmarkers feature called the “Custom Landmarkers in Lens Studio” that lets creators anchor unique virtual reality experiences or Lenses to different places in their local communities so that they can share more with their followers about the ins-and-outs of their daily lives. 

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This new feature has enormous potential for brands of all sizes. Influencers can create unique experiences for their followers at their favorite physical stores, or provide product/service plugs as part of the content they create for a favorite monument. For instance, an influencer could create a personalized experience at the Piazza Navona in Rome, and then recommend their favorite pizza place afterwards, encouraging followers to grab a slice. 

In addition to extending the applications of their AR lenses, Snapchat’s Custom Landmarks feature will also make it possible for creators to develop their own AR effects. This is a big step and will allow brands to create experiences that really stand out and tell the brand story in the metaverse.

Our journey into the metaverse may be slow initially, but it’s bound to speed up at any moment and with their Landmarks feature, Snapchat seems to be on top of its game.