Parlux Fragrances

The results speak for themselves

10 influencers

visual assets
total reach

Our challenge

Parlux Fragrances, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of prestige designer, lifestyle and celebrity fragrances. The challenge: Raise awareness and find a creative way to introduce 3 of their perfume brands;

Sofia Vergara, Vince Camuto and Kenneth Cole to American Millenials during christmas time, and portray the perfume as a perfect gift for the holidays among a very saturated market.

Our solution

VINCE CAMUTO: We worked with micro influencer couples who had a very engaged audience and were good at creation visually appealing content. We asked the influencers fiancés to surprise them with the vince camuto perfume while doing a take over of their instagram accounts. All influencers shot content with their fiancé in a christmas and holidays spirit.

SOFIA VERGARA: We have portrayed sofia vergara perfume as the ultimate perfume for empowered women to have for the holidays. Each influencer conveyed the same message, positining the perfume along his brand values.

KENNETH COLE: We decided to focus on the scent perfumes bring, the memory we get from them. We have collaborated with 2 male influencers and 1 female influencer, the idea was to focus on the main message which was GIVING.