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What’s a Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency?

Brands are already convinced that influencer marketing campaigns can help them improve their ROI. According to a recent survey of companies by Big Commerce, 89% said that the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other marketing channels. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the growth of the influencer marketing sector.

In order to help the influencer marketing process run smoother, brands work with influencer marketing agencies. These agencies work with brands to identify the right influencers for their campaigns and brand messaging, as well as help brands design and execute their campaigns with influencers. While there are some companies that manage their influencer marketing in house, more brands are turning to the knowledge and experience of influencer marketing agencies to bring more value and engagement to their campaigns. 

Yet instead of working with a completely automated platform or a giant influencer marketing agency, we believe that it’s better to partner with a boutique influencer marketing agency, like LDRS Group. Boutique agencies are not only smaller and more personal, they have the time and effort to perfect the content and deliverables for a brand’s campaign in ways that large agencies cannot.

The best boutique influencer marketing agency will have the following capabilities that will not only improve your brand’s social engagement, but increase ROI on sales.

  • They uniquely identify the best influencers for the campaign

Boutique agencies have the time and wherewithal to search out and engage the most relevant influencers for the brand’s image and campaign. By working with a tight net of influencer contacts, boutique agencies can help brands identify the influencers that meet their criteria: past and current partnerships with similar or competing brands. They can also create a carefully curated list of influencers for the brand that can’t be identified in an automated marketplace or matchmaking solution. Finally, boutique agencies take the time to let brands get to know influencers so that there is a feeling of mutual understanding and trust.

  • Better engagement with influencers and audiences

Unlike large (or automated) agencies, boutique agencies can assist brands in getting engagement with their unique knowledge and experience in the industry. Boutique agencies, for instance, know if a certain influencer has stopped drinking coffee, so they probably wouldn’t be willing to publish ads for a coffee company. In addition, boutique agencies can help brands choose influencers known for their positive engagement with followers, responsiveness to DMs, and more. When brands are able to get genuine word-of-mouth engagement right, everyone wins.

  • Creative touch on campaigns

Because boutique agencies aren’t stressed thin, they can spend time developing super creative campaigns for the brand they are working with. Smaller agencies can take the time to get to know the brand, its visual aspects, even interviewing the relevant parties to get their input. Instead of giving brands “more of the same”, boutique agencies really go above and beyond to create completely unique messaging and visuals.

Boutique influencer marketing agencies are popping up all over the place, but those with years of experience and knowledge will definitely continue to win over approval from some of the world’s biggest consumer brands.